Every dog should have his day (in the studio that is)

and every dog owner should have at least one amazingly

soulful portrait to immortalize their bestest buddy.

Urban Dog Photography was founded in 2007,

when 20+ years of newspaper photojournalism

along with a degree in Visual Communications merged

with a LIFELONG LOVE of ALL things canine.

The goal of our session is to document the

unique beauty of those adoring eyes, wet noses,

sloppy kisses and waggy tails!

Afterwards, we'll choose your favorite soulful

moments from our fun session.

Urban Dog Wall Portraits are guaranteed to make your heart do the happy dance!

Just like head scratches and belly rubs, it's one of the

nicest treats to give or receive!

Thank you for visiting . . .

Hope to wag tails soon!

Renee :)